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Specialty Doors

Modern Aluminum Garage Doors

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Sleek, sophisticated garage doors — a unique look for today’s more contemporary-styled homes. Crisp lines and sleek design formed from durable corrosion-resistant aluminum and light-filtering glass make a striking complement to your home.

  • Standard or HeavyDuty frames Available to best complement your home.

  • A Warranty – 1-year limited

  • Stylish hardware. Hinges and fixtures are galvanized to maintain a contemporary look

  • Commercial-grade aluminum frame. Low-maintenance and corrosion resistant.

  • Integrated reinforcement struts.  Stronger, lighter struts are part of the rail assembly to achieve a sleek, sophisticated look.


Non Insulated.
1 year Limited Warranty.


Non Insulated.
1 year Limited Warranty.

Impression Collection Garage Doors


Wood-grain fiberglass exterior.  Durable steel construction. Impression Collection doors have been magnificently engineered with an artfully molded wood-grain fiberglass surface that conceals its durable steel construction.

  • Fiberglass exterior. Utilizes Therma-TruAccuGrain  technology for the beauty of wood without the maintenance.

  • Multiple design and color options. Choose the glass, design and color to perfectly complement your home.

  • Factory installed powder-coated hardware. Ensures proper alignment and smoother operation with a clean interior appearance.

  • Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation with an R-value of 7.6 helps control costly heat loss and gain. This type of insulation can diminish street noise and makes the door more quiet as it operates.

  • Designed with award-winning safety and technology features including pinch-resistant door panels.

Wood-Grain Fiberglass Garage Doors 


R-value 7.6.


R-value 7.6.


R-value 7.6.


R-value 7.6.

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