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Opener Repair 

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Gear and Sprocket - $150 Installed.

On any LiftMaster, Chamberlain, or Craftsmen brands only. 

The Gear and sprocket assembly is responsible for transferring the force of the motor to the chain or belt. Either one of two things often go bad on them (and mostly on chain drives). The gear can get worn down, causing the motor to run without moving the door.  Or the sprocket will break off, causing the chain or belt to fall from the head unit. 

Safety Eyes - $125 Installed.

We will definitely try and fix safety eye issues over the phone for free first. Safety eyes are mounted on the track by the bottom of the door, and are meant to keep the door from coming down on something. If your opener will not put your door down, and the light on your head unit blinks, you most likely have a safety eye issue. First, look to see if anything is in between the two eyes and move it out of the way. Second, align them so that they are looking right at each other, so that both lights on the front (or back sometimes) are absolutely solid. If doing those things does not fix it, call me. Very rarely do safety eyes need to be replaced.

Carrier and Trolley - $125 installed.

The carrier attaches to the chain or the belt, and the trolley connects to the carrier and the "j-arm" which connects to your door. The trolley can be disconnected from the carrier if you pull the red cord down and away from door. Be aware that if you pull cord when the door is up, the door may come crashing down! If a carrier is not greased, the consistent motion across the rail eventually cuts it in half.

Genie Screw Drive Trolley - $125 installed.

On a genie screw drive opener, the trolley that connects to the "j-arm" (which connects to the door) is attached to the screw drive rail. Inside of the trolley are diagonal "teeth" that make contact with the screw, so that when the screw spins, the trolley travels up and down the rail. The "teeth" will wear down, causing this screw to just spin with no trolley movement.

Call Us! 303.803.8880

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